WINNERS #SonyRXmoments Instagram Photo Contest 2017

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Grand Prize Winner

@cloudynight / DSC-RX1

Name: Weilun Chong / @cloudynight
Details: DSC-RX1 1/500sec F2 ISO6400
Title: Please Mind The Gap
Comment from the Winner:
Please Mind The Gap was a personal project that I stumbled upon when I nearly lost my mobile phone through the MRT train gaps, during a time when I struggled to find time to photograph the streets; and this project allowed me to pursue my hobby during my daily commute. While I had self-published a photography book of this project with photographs from Singapore, I continued to photograph and intend to do a Hong Kong edition. All because I still enjoyed the hustle and bustle, the texture I could get from photographing in a similar yet vastly different city like Hong Kong.

This particular shot was captured during my last visit in April. I was rather intrigued by the awkwardness of the subject as he tried to hurry into the train, and yet stood uneasily at the same time to avoid the alighting passengers. And it was the pause that gave me time to compose and press the shutter.

My Experience with the RX1
To be honest, I was very much afraid and skeptical when I moved to the first-ever mirrorless full frame camera like Sony RX1 five years ago, as it was a totally new concept for someone who was too used to SLR cameras. But I made the immediate switch anyway, when it was first released and I never looked back. I enjoyed using the Sony RX1 mainly for its inconspicuous compact size for shooting on the streets, the fine built of the Carl Zeiss 35mm f2 lens (even though it’s a fixed lens), and definitely its uncompromising image quality. I personally didn’t expect to stick to one camera for so long.

Special Prize Winner

@_johnsama_ / DSC-RX100M5

Name: 이종기 /
Details: DSC-RX100M5
1/2500sec F2.8 ISO500
Title: 폭우 속의 입수

@ning.sen / DSC-RX100

Name: 寧偉程 /
Details: DSC-RX100
1/80sec F3.5 ISO125
Title: Untitled

@mendowong / DSC-RX100M2

Name: Wong Ming Tak, Mendo /
Details: DSC-RX100M2
1/400sec F8 ISO100
Title: Untitled

@kristinezipfel / DSC-RX100M2

Name: Kristine Zipfel /
Details: DSC-RX100M2
1/80sec F1.8 ISO800
Title: Untitled

@lavinator67 / DSC-RX100M3

Name: Shane Lavin /
Details: DSC-RX100M3
1/200sec F4 ISO125
Title: Queenstown Seagulls

@lukesjam / DSC-RX100M3

Name: Luke-James Davies /
Details: DSC-RX100M3
1/640sec F8 ISO80
Title: Untitled